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Storyworks is an Australian digital-first ebook publisher producing high quality fiction at a competitive price. Storyworks promotes and supports all things ‘ebook’ by providing production, editorial, design and self-publishing services, backed up by 20 years of publishing experience. As a company we aim to support talented writers and help them get their stories onto the world stage. To learn more about Storyworks, go to the Who We Are page.

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Have you ever wanted to see your book on sites like Amazon? Kindle? Kobo? Barnes & Noble?

Yes? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Not everyone wants to take the same path to publishing so Storyworks offer several services to help cultivate first time writers into quality authors. If you’re looking for the whole nine publishing yards, we have a complete self-publishing package that covers editorial, design, conversion, online global distribution into online major retailers, logistics, and marketing; PLUS Print on Demand. To learn more about the Storyworks package, go to the  Storyworks Self-Publishing Package page.

For authors who want to go it alone but are looking to give their manuscript a professional polish, we have singular editorial and design services that can assist writers with the many stages of publishing. These services will benefit a wide range of writers, from aspiring novelists, students, freelancers, or business professionals. Getting expert editorial or design advice makes for a more professional book, increasing your sales chances. To learn more about our stand-alone and self-publishing services, go to the Publishing Services page.



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Kobo E-Book Data Adds New Dimension to Understanding Reading Habits

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Kerrie McNamara

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Coffee Shop Vignette

Coffee Shop Vignette

Love is the strongest weapon we have as humans. So many adolescent relationships are based on shielding ones most internal desires. Instead of openly professing their [...]

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