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Who Killed Jimbo Jameson?
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Climb a Different Ladder, Self Awareness, Mindfulness and Successful Leadership
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Partners - Love is a law unto itself

Storyworks is a high quality e-only publisher. We are solely focused on digital publishing and our mission is to make our authors and their books available around the globe.

Digital publishing breaks down the barriers of trade publishing and limits no author’s success. No geographical limitations, no limited shelf space, no print runs, back orders or opening hours, your book can be purchased from anyone, anywhere around the world at the click of a button.

The Storyworks model is unique as it is one of the fastest ways to get your book published, without sacrificing quality and cultivation. Combining the best of trade and online publishing Storyworks authors have access to the highest standards in editing and design and most importantly, marketing. Your book will be promoted by our online marketing team around the world, priced at the best rate to achieve the maximum sales.

We encourage our authors to dive into the online world as much as we do. Our most successful authors have their own websites, social media sites, and believe in their books as much as we do. Working together we can ensure that your book is read, enjoyed and valued by readers everywhere.

Storyworks is the digital imprint of Jane Curry Publishing, a leading independent publishing company based in Sydney.

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New Release: Who Killed Jimbo Jameson?

New Release: Who Killed Jimbo Jameson?

Who Killed Jimbo Jameson? by Kerrie McNamara is out and ready for download. Get your copy of this sassy, irreverent crime novel today.

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Kerrie McNamara

Kerrie McNamara

Kerrie McNamara knows bastards. She worked for some of the biggest in Australia as an executive assistant in television, advertising and film and her friends have been married to the rest. A lifetime Sydney resident, Kerrie [...]

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Who Killed Jimbo Jameson?

Who Killed Jimbo Jameson?

Who Killed Jimbo Jameson? is a scandalous crime fiction novel written by first time author Kerrie McNamara. The book is the first in a series [...]

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